Im a journalist and author who writes for magazines, blog about New York, and consult American companies on issues regarding media in Brazil. I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro (right across the beach, in case you are wondering).

After graduating from Journalism, I bought a ticket to Manhattan, where I started as an intern at Benetton Sportsystem's communication department a company with an unconventional way of presenting itself to the media, followed by a job at the Wall Street Journal Americas.

Later, I became a stringer to relevant magazines, radio stations, TV and websites in Brazil, including Veja and Exame (the local equivalent to Time and Business Week) covering everything from September 11 to the Arts, and interviewing important men and women of our time; among them, CEOs, Nobel Prize Winners, actors, writers and historians. For three years I was also the responsible for the public relations affairs for Lily Safra's New York office, the billionaire widow of the banker Edmond J. Safra.

In the recent years, I had published three books, moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn, had a daughter... and started tweeting about it.